Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lainnya Kelas & Praktikal~


Alhamdulillah lately Allah sibukkan ku dengan amazing new things! Well different than normal class and class and liqo’ n dauroh! I’ve learned to view the world through colors and reality... each and every day keep knocking my head and show me the true colors of the world (well at least some of the colors) black, white, red, purple, dark blue, sometimes brown, orange, pink and yellow ^_^ 

Well, there was times I felt amaze, the cuteness, the anger, the pain, the ‘bau busuk’, the bau wangi, and all sort of things can’t be felt while sitting nicely in the bright lecture hall trying to concentrate to the slides. 

 Subhanallah! Allah Maha Hebat, Maha Teliti menentukan yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambaNya. Walaupun mulanya benar-benar terasa nak berhenti dari bidang ni but Allah make me stay till today to bear witness to His wonders ^_^.. He teaches me to stay calm in many conditions (including when my hp drop in a toilet heheh.. few years back I’ve carelessly lost my hp and I felt very disappointed and angry at that time..~) looking back.. and all I see were unstable self. Masyaallah Allah bring me back to fitrah to survive in this “war” called life calmly and with clear mission :) 

I’ve learnt and felt the true meaning of life and I felt warm and secure inside. I know Allah SWT will always guide and protect me. I wouldn’t imagine to felt Allah in my life via property or investment class before. But Allah’s willing He let me felt He’s always by my side when Puan Bur explain the theory of investment, when Prof Noor explain the theory of town planning and when Encik Kamal tell us the theory of supply and demand. (can u see the relation?) THINK! relate what you learn, see and touch to Allah SWT and try to feel it with your heart! 

 “ Dan mengapa mereka tidak memikirkan tentang (kejadian) diri mereka? Allah tidak menciptakan langit dan bumi, dan apa yang ada di antara keduanya melainkan dengan (tujuan) yang benar dan dalam waktu yang ditentukan. Dan sesungguhnya banyak di antara manusia benar-benar mengingkari pertemuan dengan Robbnya. ”                                                                                                             (Ar-Rum 30:8)

In the lecture halls we’ve always been taught perfection theories and in practical we’ve always been shown the last statement of the above verse. When man ignores the rulings of Allah and forgets that Allah CCTV them 24/7… they turn to idol man and worship material. Some even do it by ignoring the consequences and happily destroying their own soul and life. Once I am one of them (May Allah keep it that way...amiin) 

Alhamdulillah I’ve realize that I’m here to lower my head, body and soul to Allah SWT (51:56) and to wake others do the same (2:30). 

Moga Allah SWT cenderungkan hati-hati kita untuk memilih kebenaran. 

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