Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tazkirah di KL^^


Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah last saturday balik rumah babah (sorry cah, tak bagitahu earlier hee~) I'm praying my journey will lead me to something...tambah2 at that time semangat untuk futur sering mengintai. Alhamdulillah sharing dari seorang akh di rumah Pck Yaakob sangat mengesan jiwa. The sharing goes something like this...

First of all akh ni revert to islam masa dia belajar di universiti. Family 'alim' kristian di Sabah. His sharing is fully on puasa and how he feel when ramadhan came. Like other muslin believer he too is waiting on ramadhan to come. There are few things enlighten him when he find out how muslim fast.

He said, the first thing touches him is the joyful face of muslims when we break fast. “Masing2 muka bercahaya & sangat happy berbuka sama2”. Well he notices because in his previous religion they are fasting too but if they gets too hungry they can eat 1/3 of the usual meal. He did not feel the feeling of obedience in fasting. When they break fast it became like the usual dinner. He said that they too have sahur but it is taken lightly by them, differ than in islam, where we were encouraged to sahur. Malah seelok-eloknya melambatkan sahur ^^.. he finds out that sahur is very important when fasting as it refresh our body and let us bare until twilight. Our body when fasting is like a machine. In his work place, in every Syawal they will run the machine without any input so that they could check out the machine condition. If there’s any part should be maintain they will done it right away. Our body is a very complex machine. We have the liver to filter the toxins and all (feel free to google on the miracle of our body~). When fasting our organs will start the maintenance work. I remembered reading about it…with in 30 days our body are refreshing all the ‘machine’ in it. Leading us back to the neutral and ideal body condition. (wonder if it have to do with aidul fitri = kembali kepada fitrah).

Tarawih is also the wonder he finds in Ramadhan. He said when we rukuk & sujud properly we will feel the ruh of solat. He even felt “eh dah habis..?”. His statement did make me thinking. Why are we (born muslim) sometimes forget the ruh of solat? Sedangkan kita lebih dulu belajar solat, we should be pakar in kusyuk sepatutnya kan? This gives me the spirit to find back what I’ve missing in solat. (I was at the kitchen at this time so dengar samar2 je ^_^)

He also shares on the time holy water were judge to be the reason 3 university students kena rasuk. At that time he says, the whole Christian committee were gempar. They were called by the hostel principle to explain the situation. The principle ask on what is holy water, and the head committee said “it’s just air biasa.” At that time he felt something was wrong. Why the head committee does not explain clearly what the holy water is. He said, holy water is plain water added with olive oil and few other halal things (I could not remember the exact ingredient) and dibacakan doa. Just like air yasin. It’s just that the water is not good for muslims because the doa consist of syirik words…praying to Isa alaihissalam as god. He explains, from a research of a scientist in Japan when we said good things to the water, the water particle structure became crystal like particle and shining. But bad words will make the crystal structure break! By learning the Quran we know that all the creation berzikir to Allah in their own way. Therefore, when we said something bad such as syirik words will make them “suffer”. That’s why we can not drink the holy water, not because of the ingredient in it but the prayer said to it. Simple! It’s not the holy water’s fault of the rasuk students though…

The head committee answer make him thinking and he start to open his heart to truly knows about islam. Alhamdulillah in islam all the teachings is logic and acceptable by any thinking brain (ulul albab~). Just that we muslims didn’t set good example to others (taknak riak katanya tapi itu yang menyekat not yet believers untuk jauh dari islam…yup we have an account for their misbelieve about islam when we hide the truth of the deen). Reveal the truth of islam, you will be love by Allah and all His creations. Don’t worry. You are in the right & bright path. Ask others whom knows better if you don’t. Alhamdulillah Allah will show the lights to everyone and it’s up to you and me to choose our path. So, choose carefully. It’s either jahannam or jannah, hell or heaven.

Oh one more thing, the akh I’ve been inspired by, before this he learn pendidikan islam in his school days (back then they can choose to stay in class during PI class or go to the moral class). And he scores A in the subject. (Bonus point for him-he knew the basic of islam before he revert)

May Allah lead us to the light till the Day of Judgment. Amiin


Ps//: I’ve been using my own words in describing the akh’s words…hopefully it'll reaches the points :D

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